Fire Sprinkler Systems are now a Mandated Feature

October 07, 2008

Fire Sprinkler SystemAt the final action hearing of the International Code Council in September, fire sprinkler systems became a mandated standard for residential building codes. The International Code Council final action hearings are very similar to how a bill gets passed through congress, only it doesn’t have near as many checks and balances. It is up to the ICC to propose, debate and adopt different Residential Building Codes. And, not only do they make the law for the adequate construction of new homes, but they also implement these standards in municipalities, counties and states that enforce building code regulations. The ICC Codes are rapidly becoming the “code of choice” for government units who choose to adopt and enforce building code standards. Thus, requiring fire sprinkler systems in all new homes is going to impact the home building industry in most cities and states, including Chicago home builders.

However, the fire sprinkle systems mandate will not take effect until 2011. The current IRC was implemented in 2006 and was set to be updated for implementation in 2009. As a result of the recent hearings, the 2009 IRC contains a mandate for fire sprinklers in all new residential construction. However, while the new IRC code goes into effect in 2009, the fire sprinkler mandate does not go into effect until January 1, 2011. In addition to not going into effect until 2011, units of government have the option of removing the fire sprinkler portion of the code. If a governmental unit adopts the IRC, in whole, the fire sprinkler mandate is included. However, the governmental authority may take action to specifically exempt, or remove, the fire sprinkler mandate.

The Home Builders Association of Illinois, as well as the National Association of Home Builders, will help keep us up-to-date with the new standards. Of course, as soon as we get more information, we will pass it along. You can read the full article about the new fire sprinkler systems mandate published from the HBAI here.

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