Author Jason Forrest Speaks At Southwest Suburban Chicago Home Builders Association

September 11, 2009

News Flash: new homes in Chicago aren’t selling like they used to.  Indeed, today’s salespeople may even have to sell to your potential home buyers when they walk into your model center.   Gone are the days of order taking and most builders are reporting that traffic consists people “just looking.”  This is a very common phrase that sales people are hearing everywhere.  But is that statement always true?

Edgebrook Glen Chicago

Edgebrook Glen Chicago

According to author and sales trainer/ coach Jason Forrest, if you hear this phrase don’t take their word for it.  Something brought them to your sales center and you need to find out.  In short, you must dig deeper because sometimes ‘just looking’ is a tactic for saying they’re not far enough along yet emotionally to buy.  Circumstantial buyers (relocating, etc.) are different and should be treated as a bonus.  In order to sell well, every ‘just looking’ candidate needs your attention.

Last night at the Southwest Suburban Home Builders Association’s membership meeting at the Prairie Bluff golf course, Jason Forrest came out to speak about his new book Creating Urgency, a guide to understanding the emotional need that people have to improve their lives.  Jason explained that people strive to make their lives better and often buying a new home is one of the biggest (financially and emotionally) ways to do just that.

Jason loves to sell and he was born to talk about it.  He tests sales people in his daily interactions 0utside his training and speaking gigs and knows what its like to get emotionally sold to.  How? Because it works on him and anyone who is truly seeking to improve their lives!

A prime candidate himself to purchase a new home with his rapidly growing family, he continually is avoided at new home sales centers because he: a) does not have his current house on the market and b) he tells sales people he’s ‘just looking’.  If a salesperson dug a little deeper, they would realize he is just not emotionally ready to buy yet and needs someone to convince him that he can improve his life if only bought a new, larger home now.   The impulse of improving your life is a very powerful emotion.

Jason Forrest’s Creating Urgency book, digs into how getting buyers emotionally vested into improving their lives can turn a ‘just looking’ prospect into a buyer.   As he readily admits, changing your attitude towards prospects can only help train a salesperson to practice their craft.  In doing so, snag a client who just hadn’t previously been treated as important and emotionally coaxed into why their really looking at a new home by other builders:  To improve their lives.

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