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November 04, 2009
Aurora Foreclosure - $192,000

Aurora Foreclosure - $192,000

When it comes to searching for and buying the best foreclosure properties, investors are increasingly eager to sift through the clutter and cut to the Chase Real Estate.

Headed by owner Christian Chase and based in Naperville, Chase Real Estate has developed a time-tested and reliable process for making it simple and consistently profitable to purchase bank REO (real estate-owned) homes that can either be flipped and sold, rented out, or owner-occupied. In fact, Chase’s business has been so successful with foreclosure transactions in recent years that he considers his firm Chicagoland’s first and only “foreclosure brokerage.”

The key to the brokerage’s success and its clients’ satisfaction is Chase’s proven and effective system, which makes investing simple. In addition to offering an expert roster of agents, remodelers, lenders and an array of financing options available to clients, Chase provides customized help, advice and educational seminars.

“Our system is the best because it is consistently lucrative and unmatched by any competitors,” said Chase. “We’ve cornered a niche in the foreclosure market and our customers are reaping all the benefits. By utilizing our approach, clients can get properties to pay off quickly and start turning a profit in year one.”

“What sets us apart is our level of high interaction with banks, who contact us daily about the latest foreclosed homes available. I truly am a bank insider. As a result of my contacts and level of research, our clients get the pick of the newest and hottest listings available,” he said.  Customers can opt to enlist Chase’s veteran network of top-notch, full-time rehabbers, who can gut, remodel and update any purchased property for an affordable price.

What’s more, clients can work with Chase’s team of local real estate attorneys—each highly skilled in foreclosure properties—who can, for example, assist buyers with forming LLCs to shield their purchases from personal liabilities. Chase boasts a variety of lender partners, who can provide competitive rates and customized loan programs to customers. The brokerage also will ensure that the title is free and clear on any foreclosed home. And if you’re looking for a trusted property management team to oversee your rental residences, Chase has that base covered, too.

“Ninety percent of our clientele consists of individual investors. These are everyday people who are looking to supplement their investment portfolios and retirement savings by putting smart money into real estate. And there’s no better real estate opportunity right now than purchasing an REO property in the right location,” Chase said. “Investing in Chicago foreclosure homes is a great way to build long-term wealth.”

Chase Real Estate takes the guesswork out of knowing what and where to purchase by providing free comparative market analyses, performing necessary due diligence research and offering advice on a given property.

Chase says unlike the average Realtor who typically sells six or fewer residences a year, Chase Real Estate closes more than 400 transactions annually.  If you’re interested in attending a Chase Real Estate seminar, they are having a foreclosure investor session to teach how to use proven systems to find, finance, remodel and then flip foreclosures. Their complete staff will be present for this seminar (Lawyers-Lenders-Rehab Crews-Insurance Agents) Meet with other investors who are “flipping” homes now!

Topics Include:

Location-Hot Markets Now
Type of Property to Flip (You will be surprised)
Price Range and Pricing Strategy
Up-to-Date Remodeling
Marketing (Much more than the MLS)
Deal Analysis
Simple Staging

For more information about Chase Real Estate or to schedule a free consultation, contact Christian Chase at (630) 527-0095.

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