Brideport Green Condo Developer Building South African Charities

November 17, 2009

3308sLoweBridgeportChicagoBridgeports’ green building developer, Bo Boguslawski, finds herself following unexpected paths these days. I have reported on her work in leading the way with renovating buildings in the Bridgeport neighborhood using cutting edge “green” technology.  With 3 new green Chicago condos in Bridgeport available in the near southwest side neighborhood, Bo has her hands full with many new endeavors.   Chicago real estate is but just one of many of Bo’s concerns.

Meeting new people as she perfects her skills is a usual occurrence. For Bo, however, meeting often leads to long term associations and recently to new commitments to children in South Africa.

Friends and associates urged her husband and son to visit a camp in South Africa which leads photographic and hunting safaris. Their commitment to management of wildlife extends to area villages as they supply work for adults and meat for the entire village which is a mainstay of their existence. Hearing about the subsistence needs of the local population alone convinced Bo that she should visit the area.

“Visit” may be the wrong term! Bo immediately went to work to establish a charitable foundation and gathered clothing, toiletries, school supplies and other basic needs for the people she and her daughter would meet for the first time.

boandfriendsShe came home a changed person and knew that she would return soon. Two months later she returned working through the SCI Foundation and their recognition by the United Nations, she was able to carry the “blue bags” filled with over 600 pounds of goodies through customs without fees and duties.

The time before her trip was hectic and stimulating as friends, neighbors, relatives and just good hearted people joined in to give and pass the word for others to give what they could to people in need, who really appreciate every little thing we all take for granted.

Bo was warmly accepted by the people of Limpopo Provence. Her hosts have taken her to tour the region resulting in visits to a second school and an orphanage, which, of course, are now added to Bo’s mission.

The Abraham Kriel Children’s Home in Nylstroom, South Africa houses about 210 youths from ages 2 to 18. They find their way to the home by way of court orders. Some are orphans, but today most are placed to protect them from abusive parents or guardians. A perfect example is “Boy” who was placed in the home after spending the first three years of his life in a cage. Raised with dogs, he moved on all fours, unable to stand erect, ate dog food and scraps and was without human speech. After five years in the care of the Fanie & Gezina Lombard and their children ,who manage the facility, “Boy” is able to interact like a human and was thrilled to find his first pair of shoes from the items that Bo delivered to the home on her second trip in two months to the area.

Bo and her family have lots of love to share with the children of this home, which is one of two white children havens in South Africa. Fifty percent of the home’s expenses are funded by the government. The remainder is raised through work projects like a cookbook that the children produce and sell. Friends who take a child, or children into their homes for holidays or to a camp or “field trip” experience are constantly sought. Also funds and material needs are sought and appreciated in an environment where so little exists that anything brings truly great joy.

Join Bo today. Her Charitable Foundation is seeking people who will spread the word to individuals and companies who can join her in supplying basic needs to her new friends.  Please contact her at or contact

I invite you to join Bo and her family in bringing great joy to others, and yourself.

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