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January 28, 2010

For those who dream of luxury lakeside living in southeastern Wisconsin, the new keyword is “Keating”—as in Keating Real Estate, a new full-service residential real estate firm serving Walworth and Kenosha Counties that recently launched in Twin Lakes.

Headed by President Keith Keating, the business caters to clients looking to buy, sell, build or renovate a home at Powers, Benedict or Twin Lakes or Lake Geneva. And when it comes to these hotspots, there’s no more opportune time than now and no better positioned man for the job.

“If you’ve got your eye on these locations, it’s best to pick an expert who is not only familiar with the geography but locally based and anchored to the neighborhood — a skilled specialist who is accustomed to the unique culture of each of these lakeside communities,” Keating said.

Keating noted that this region needs real estate professionals who live in the area and who can reply promptly to inquiries from prospective buyers and sellers.

To fill that niche, Keating recently moved his family back to Powers Lake—where he has lived in seven different homes since childhood.

“Clients in this area appreciate someone who is thoroughly familiar with the region and has lifelong ties to these lakes-linked towns,” he said.

If you’re set on owning lakefront property, for instance, “you want to know where the finest sandy beaches are. You want a convincing argument why joining the Powers Lake Yacht Club is a good idea,” said Keating, who is a licensed real estate broker in Wisconsin and Illinois. “A good area Realtor should be able to provide answers like these.”

Keating said he did his research carefully before initiating his new firm and learned that customers value local experience and comprehensive real estate knowledge in a broker. A professional who can find the right lot on which a dream home can be built, refer customers to reputable area businesses, and demonstrate the best approach to renting out a vacation home is in hot demand. After digging further, Keating concluded that no other real estate agent in this area could match him on these qualities.

Keating values his experience working real estate from both sides of the fence, having been the president of Chicago-based Keating Development Group, a family business—initially created by his late father Joseph in 1960—which Joseph, Keith and his brother Kevin co-founded in the 1990s. For years he was responsible for building, selling and marketing new homes and developing raw land. His efforts paid off handsomely, as evidenced by the many Key Awards bestowed on Keating Development Group by the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago (HBAGC) in recent years.

In the past, Keith served as city chapter president of the HBAGC and was a board member of the Attainable Housing Alliance—a public advocacy group that promoted housing attainability and affordable ownership. He also was a licensed real estate broker, mortgage broker, registered appraiser and real estate school instructor in Florida. In addition, Keith is former president of KMK Realty Corp.

“All those years building homes has given me a trained eye for quality construction and lots that can pay off as worthy investments,” said Keating, who appreciates his years working closely with contractors, tradesmen, vendors and developers.

Keating Real Estate customers can choose from a wide array of in-demand services, including:
• Home shopping: Locate and show available area homes to buyers and negotiate sales
• Home sales: List, market, show and sell homes on behalf of sellers
• Design and build: Create a customized new construction home from the ground up
• Remodeling: Upgrade and improve an existing home for lasting enjoyment or a faster resale
• Loan prequalifications: Pre-screen buyers to ensure they are financially eligible for the right mortgage loan
• Vacant properties: Find, develop and sell available lots on which a future home or subdivision can be built, including guiding parcels throughout the entire zoning process
• Tax assessment services: Aid area homeowners in reducing assessed valuations and decreasing tax liabilities

“People choose me because they know that my local recommendations and valuable connections can save them money and time,” Keating said. “Moreover, I’m expediently responsive to my clients. When you call me with a question, you can count on getting an answer within 24 hours.”

And when it comes to finances, Keating says his company stresses flexibility.

“Our firm caters to any budget—from entry-level properties to high-end upscale residences,” he said.

As proven by increased interest recently from prospective buyers in his neck of the woods, “this is an exciting time to own or sell property in Kenosha and Walworth Counties,” Keating noted, “There are plentiful real estate opportunities available here and great deals just waiting to be claimed. You just can’t beat this area for its scenic beauty, lasting value and family friendly charm.”

For more information about Keating Real Estate LLC, call toll-free at (866) KEATING (532-8464) or visit KeatingGroup.com.

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