Illinois Homeowners Qualify for Unique Savings Thanks to Cash for Appliance Clunkers

February 28, 2010

Been thinking about remodeling your kitchen, but putting it off? Between Uncle Sam’s “Cash for Clunkers” program available for household appliances and Wood-Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry’s 2010 Promotion, there’s certainly no better chance to save, than now.

Similar to the popular cash for car clunkers initiative offered nationwide last fall, the Energy Star State Appliance Rebate Program provides an incentive to replace your older, inefficient domestic devices with Energy Star-rated models designed to yield substantial savings on your home’s energy bills. Like other participating states, Illinois will issue rebates on your eligible, new appliances.

“If you’ve been procrastinating on your kitchen renovation project, now is the perfect time to get it in gear,” said Karla Krengel, Chief Operating Officer for Chicago-based Krengel & Associates, exclusive representatives for Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinetry in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. “Not only can you save serious dollars by capitalizing on the cash for appliance clunkers, but you will do your part to help our environment, too. In fact, I plan on taking advantage of this chance myself.”

Krengel noted that a Wood-Mode (custom) and Brookhaven (semi-custom) cabinetry promotion is also running until March 31, 2010. This promotion offers 50 percent off savings on an upgraded door style, wood species or finish. That’s maximum flexibility and can equate to thousands of dollars in savings, she said.

“Combine the savings on the appliances with the savings on cabinetry and it’s an opportunity I haven’t seen before,” said Krengel. “Put the money in your pocket or invest it in upgrades, some of which might have been out of reach otherwise.”

Krengel noted that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, over 70 percent of the energy used in our homes is for appliances, refrigeration, space heating, cooling, and water heating. Replacing old equipment and appliances with new Energy Star-labeled models can result in significantly lower utility bills.

“Keep in mind almost 70 percent of electricity in America is generated with natural gas and coal, which disperses greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere and worsens the global warming situation,” said Krengel. “But Energy Star-qualified refrigerators are 20 percent more energy efficient than the minimum federal standard. They help us decrease our impact on the environment. Consider for a moment if everyone in the market for a new refrigerator in 2010 bought an Energy Star-rated model, we could decrease greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 150,000 cars off the road.”

What’s more, installing a new Energy Star refrigerator in place of your clunky fridge from the 1980s could save you over $100 annually on your electric bill. Replacing an old dishwasher — which wastes approximately eight gallons of water per cycle — with an Energy Star-qualified model could save you enough money to pay for dishwasher detergent the entire year. And every extra bit of water conservation helps protect our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans, Krengel added.

Illinois consumers who want to participate in the Energy Star State Appliance Rebate Program will instantly receive 15 percent off the purchase price for eligible refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, clothes washers and room air conditioners purchased between April 16 and April 25, 2010. Consumers are eligible for an additional mail-in rebate when they submit proof that an old unit was hauled away (refrigerators and freezers — $100 rebate; clothes washers and dishwashers — $50 rebate). Restrictions apply; for more details, visit http://tiny.cc/YxBfO.

“Energy Star appliances aren’t the only earth-friendly smart choices you can add to your new kitchen,” noted Krengel. “Choosing Wood-Mode cabinetry also can demonstrate your affinity for green and ecologically conscious products.”

Krengel said Wood-Mode has historically practiced friendly environmental stewardship in its materials and manufacturing processes and has always taken great pride in producing the industry’s finest cabinetry in a manner demonstrating a genuine concern and care for the environment. Wood-Mode, for example, was one of the earliest cabinet manufacturers to have a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) system integrated into their finishing system to destroy emissions generated in the cabinetry finishing process. RTO equipment currently eliminates 99.4 percent of captured volatile organic compounds and does not require any fuel when operating under optimal sustainable conditions.

Additionally, sawdust and wood scrap generated during Wood-Mode’s cabinet manufacturing process are ground into particles. These are used as fuel to heat the company’s 1.4 million square feet factory and office complex, and they also provide steam to operate its dry kilns. This results in not having to deposit wood waste into landfills, as well as greatly reducing reliance on the use of oil, natural gas, or fossil fuels for steam and heat requirements.

Wood-Mode also offers reconstituted wood veneers, which re-create the effect of exotic woods and makes the product more sustainable. Rather than harvesting rare natural woods, the materials come from rapidly growing trees which repopulate very quickly.

As a result of its earth-friendly efforts, Wood-Mode recently earned certification in the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association (KCMA). This program recognizes industry manufacturers that use environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

“Receiving KCMA’s ESP certification lets Wood-Mode customers know they are purchasing a highly custom quality product from a company that maintains an ongoing business philosophy and a continuing commitment to endorse sound environmental stewardship whenever an opportunity arises,” Krengel said.

In addition to representing Wood-Mode — the nation’s largest independently owned manufacturer of fine custom cabinetry for the home and office — Krengel & Associates recently added five new luxury product lines to their business. Consequently, Krengel’s dealers are now offering products by:
• Canadel, a renowned manufacturer of quality chairs, stools, tables, benches and other wood accessories.
• EuroCast Design, an esteemed provider of exquisitely crafted range hoods made from reclaimed crushed travertine stone.
• RangeCraft, proud maker of upscale custom metal range hoods available in stainless steel, copper, brass, antique bronze — with additional options.
• CBD Glass, which specializes in crafting personalized countertops, doors, panels, railings and other home products made from decorative architectural textured and melted glass.
• Andy Thornton Ltd., reputable supplier of more than 4,000 unique interior accessory products.

For more information on Wood-Mode and Brookhaven’s cabinetry promotion, visit WoodMode.com. For more information on Krengel & Associates, including a full list of Wood-Mode and Brookhaven dealers it represents throughout the Midwest, phone (312) 644-4466 or visit Krengel.com.

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