Failed Bank of Lincolnwood Auctioning Off Rare Artwork

April 18, 2010

Whether you rent or own your suburban or Chicago real estate property, you want it to look nice, right? Well, here’s a chance to bid on some unique artwork that could give your living quarters the look you crave.

The Bank of Lincolnwood, which was closed by regulators last year, is auctioning off more than $30,000 in Japanese artwork, space memorabilia and other items.

This is the netsuke of the recumbent boar up for auction.

Most of the art pieces are called netsuke, which are miniature sculptures invented in Japan in the early 1600s and considered quite valuable today.

Currently, the most popular netsuke on the list with bids above $500 is a rare Japanese ivory piece of a recumbent boar.

The most sought after space item is a framed patch that was on board the Apollo 13 spacecraft during its flight around the moon in April, 1970. That is going for more than $1,000. A photograph of the earth from the spacecraft is still available for under $200. Both items are signed by Commander James Lovell.

Also for auction is a picture of Thomas Edison. No one has expressed interest yet in a Japanese lacquered wood pipe case and tobacco pouch set; starting bid is $1,800.

The auction is being run by Rick Levin & Associates and goes through April 28. All items are being sold as-is with no warranties or guaranties. Check out the artwork here to bring a unique antiquity into your life.

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