Castle Can Be Yours, But Don’t Expect to be Friends with the Neighbors

May 19, 2010

You may have seen it as you drove along the Kennedy Expressway; it’s the mansion that looks like a castle. Its famous owner, who never moved in, has put it up for sale.

Rudy's unfinished castle.

Rudy Acosta, who started his own Chicago-based, hip-hop recording company called The Legion Records and made a lot of money doing it, wanted to build himself a fortress, so he bought land at 3721 N. Parkview Terrace in Chicago from the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Acosta won a rezoning request to build a big, tall house, then spent four years constructing a three-story, 7,000-square-foot manor, complete with 42-foot-high turrets, including the one you can see from the highway with the coat of arms in honor of his label.

Well, his would-be neighbors complained. They didn’t like that his home towered over theirs and was closer to the street than theirs. They claimed they weren’t told about the rezoning meeting and that Acosta got his rezoning approval because his lawyer was the nephew of the chairman of the zoning committee.

No one is forcing him to sell, but apparently, Acosta doesn’t feel wanted because he never finished his castle and has listed it for $1.89 million. The brick-and-limestone home, in its drywall state, has five full baths and five bedrooms; the entire top floor is the master suite. There are two fireplaces, numerous decks, a media room, a two-car garage and a full finished basement.

Seems like it would be a fun house to finish and live in, but I imagine you’d have a lot of winning-your-neighbors-over to do.

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I think its the rawest crib\castle..


stop haten on the castle…NEIGHBOR..

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