Web Site Upgrade Makes Virtual Home Tour Better Than Reality

May 26, 2010

Remember the olden days, when the only way to see an open house was to make an appointment and walk around it? Today, through web sites such as FloorPlanOnline (FPO), you can virtually tour houses from your own home on your computer. And now, an upgrade of that web site takes the virtual tour even further.

FPO 2.0 is a user-friendly upgrade that offers customized tour options. There is a Photo Viewer with large, high quality photos; a WalkThru Video with your choice of 300 accompanying music pieces; a Floor Plan Viewer with full-screen and zoom capabilities; and a RoomPlanner, which allows you to drag and drop furniture so you can actually see what your floor plan could look like.

The web site provides more options to a potential home buyer than physically walking through the house.

“FPO 2.0 brings a new, high level of information to the home buyer about a listing. Our goal is to provide the most robust content platform for properties online,” said Kris Cone, CEO of FloorPlanOnline®. “To be able to see the floor plan of a home, click on a room and see the photo of that room – it’s a powerful tool. To then further make it your own with the RoomPlanner gets the buyer interested and engaged. We are taking great care to offer this premium service affordably and efficiently through full or self service options.”

FloorPlanOnline has been providing an accurate depiction of homes online since 2005. The upgrade also allows agents to perform search engine optimization (SEO) and to track interest through programs like Google Analytics.

Research shows that 20 or more photos online reduces the time a home is on the market by up to 50 percent. Research also shows that, after photos, potential home buyers most want to view floor plans. The FPO web site offers both.

Even some universities, including UCLA, have enlisted FloorPlanOnline to build an interactive campus and building maps for new and prospective students.

The future is here.

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I love this. I actually created a product in college (long time ago) that was called VirtualRealty.

Well, a fictitious product for a marketing class, that is.

Same concept. Now – with the internet, these types of products are commonplace.


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