What Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover

July 02, 2010

When was the last time you reviewed your homeowners insurance policy?  If it has been awhile, it may be time to call your agent or sit down with them and review! You might want to consider adding a few riders to your policy to cover your valuables. This can include the obvious like your jewelry, but might also include your golf clubs, china, crystal, silverware and home computer!  A great resource for what you might want to consider insuring is the

Equifax Personal Finance blog.

Insurance expert Linda Rey points out lots of items that you might want to consider other than jewelry. Her article, “

Insuring Jewelry and Other Valuables,”  lists lots of categories.

Rey points recommends a Personal Articles Floater (PAF) for your most valuable items. She also states that the contents of most homes is under-insured.

Rey walks readers through categories of items to consider, as well as the best ways to document their value. As a regular contributor to the

Equifax Personal Finance blog, she has contributed lots of other articles about homeowners insurance as well.

Don’t procrastinate, make sure to review your policy and read the article!

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