Protect Your Home During Peak Break-In Season

July 05, 2010

July is many things, but it also happens to be the most popular month for home burglaries.

According to Liberty Mutual, more than 2.1 million homes are burglarized each year, and this month is peak season.

Take these steps to protect your home against bad guys:

Don't help a burglar get into your home: Put away your tools!

*If you just purchased a home, change the locks. You can have a locksmith re-key the locks, which costs less than replacing them but still prevents old keys from working in them.

*Trim the bushes to make your home more visible.

*Cut back tree branches near windows so no one can use them to gain access into your house.

*Put away ladders and tools when you are done with them, first so burglars can’t use them to break in, and second because you should always clean up after yourself.

*Install motion-detecting floodlights outside your home to ward off intruders.

*Light the path for when you come home. Solar lights are powered by the sun and need no electricity.

*Put indoor lights on a timer. You can purchase this device at any hardware store and it will make your residence appear to be occupied when it’s not.

*If you are going away for an extended period of time: Stop the newspaper and the mail or have a neighbor periodically collect them for you.

*When home: Don’t let any professional come into your home until that person shows you an ID.

*Make a home-inventory list by taking pictures or video of your most valuable items. Keep the records in a safe place like a safety deposit box.

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