Different Kinds of Insurance Required for Different Disasters

July 15, 2010

homeowners insuranceTornados! Hurricanes! Floods! Oh, My! With so many news stories about natural disasters, what’s a Chicago homeowner to do?

In “

Natural Disaster Insurance Claims: What To Do Whan A Natural Disaster Strikes,” expert Linda Rey describes four types of insurance homeowners should consider. They may not all be needed by Chicago home buyers, but it’s important to know your options.

The post, which appears on the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog, describes homeowner’s insurance, commercial property insurance for business or office space, flood insurance and earthquake insurance. Flood insurance also has very specific requirements, primarily because of the involvement of the Federal government.

We probably all have homeowner’s insurance policies because our mortgage holders say we must. While these policies will typically protect against fire and wind damage, they may not pay for water damage caused by a flood or hurricane. It’s important to ask your agent BEFORE disaster comes your way rather than receiving a surprise after.

And commercial property insurance? If you run your business from your home, don’t forget to ask your agent if you need a separate policy to cover business-owned supplies or rent payments for temporary office space in the worst case scenario.

Rey’s post on the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog is one of many that educates homeowners on important insurance topics. Don’t just visit to read, visit to ask questions. Experts are ready to help.

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