Residents Still in the Dark About Lighting Ordinance

July 20, 2010

A controversial ordinance that calls for the regulation of outdoor lighting in Barrington Hills was supposed to be addressed at the Village’s Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on Monday, but the matter was deferred until next month.

But the houses look so pretty with exterior lighting!

It seems some people in the northwest suburb can’t see the stars well enough when their neighbor’s outside lights are illuminated.

As a result, the town has proposed a “dark sky” ordinance, which would limit the type and amount of residential exterior lighting in the community. The measure would also prohibit residents from keeping those lights on continually until dawn.

There potentially could be some exemptions to the rule.

The proposal has drawn criticism from some of its 4,000 residents, who see the measure as an infringement on their property rights.

Opponents believe less lighting could help criminals attack this affluent community, where new houses must be built on a minimum of five acres.

Residents packed the Barrington Hills’ meeting room Monday, ready to hear whether the Zoning Board will recommend the ordinance to the Village Board, but the Zoning Board deferred its decision until its next meeting on August 16.

Regardless, it will be the Village Board that makes the final decision on whether it’s going to be lights out on Barrington Hills‘ spacious lots.

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