Blagojevich Delinquent on Lease: Contents to be Sold

July 26, 2010

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich hasn’t lost his public-corruption trial yet, but he is about to lose some of his possessions.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Blagojevich has not paid his bills for more than a year on seven storage units he has rented at Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage in Arlington Heights.

Rod Blagojevich

According to the Trib, the storage facility’s owner, Paul Lombardo, sent a letter to the ex-governor saying that he is going to sell all of Rod’s things at a public auction on August 14.

Proceeds will go to Children’s Memorial Hospital.

That’s fitting, considering one of the reasons Blagojevich is on trial is because he supposedly tried to extort a $50,000 campaign contribution from the CEO of the hospital in return for the backing of $8 million in state funding. The money was to go toward a pediatric-care initiative that would pay hundreds of doctors to treat impoverished children throughout Illinois.

The Tribune says that Rod’s belongings are mostly files, so I can’t see that auction netting much money.

Of course, there’s also a life-sized statue of Elvis Presley.

Closing arguments in the ex-governor’s case are scheduled for Monday.

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