Cool Exhibit Along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

August 02, 2010

You use them in your home to display art, so why not make them art?

I’m talking about refrigerators, of course, and starting today, you can see them as fine art at a new exhibit along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

ComEd is sponsoring Fine Art Fridges, a display of nine recycled refrigerators that have been transformed into works of art by Chicago-area artists.

This hot rod was once a 1950's Philco refrigerator.

The display was created to raise awareness for the company’s Appliance Recycling Program, through which ComEd will take away your old refrigerator or freezer and give you $25 per appliance.

“Many households have an extra working refrigerator or freezer in their basement or garage,” said ComEd president Anne Promaggiore. “What they may not know is that older refrigerator appliances can use up to five times more energy than their energy-efficient equivalents. Continued usage of an older model can result in $150 per year in extra electricity costs.”

The refrigerator pieces will be on the sidewalks of Michigan Avenue between Chicago Avenue and Illinois Street through September 15.

The nine pieces, their locations and artists:

*500 N. Michigan Avenue: VooDoo Larry – ‘Recycled VooDoo Retro Rod’

*505 N. Michigan Avenue: Lucy Slivinski – ‘In the Land of Love, There is No Garbage’

*540 N. Michigan Avenue: Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite – ‘Green Lifestyles’

*625 N. Michigan Avenue: Nicole Beck – ‘Coldspot: A Gulf Story’

*645 N. Michigan Avenue: Ginny Sykes – ‘Calming/Calling/Cooling’

*669 N. Michigan Avenue: Tyrue ‘Slang’ Jones – ‘The Last Tree Exhibit’

*676 N. Michigan Avenue: Victoria Fuller – ‘Peas and Quiet’

*700 N. Michigan Avenue: Beth Kamhi – ‘The Power of Flowers’

*777 N. Michigan Avenue: Mike Helbing – ‘Running Down, Out to Pasture’

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