HBAGC Iron Chef Competition August 25

August 20, 2010

Stressed out and need a little fun? Why not join the Remodeler’s Council of HBAGC for their Annual Iron Chef Competition at Fisher & Paykel in Elk Grove Village.

This started last year as a great networking opportunity for our council to get to know other members.  It was so successful last year our members asked that we bring it back.

Wonder what they’ll cook up this year!

Fisher & Paykel host this event providing the food, grills and prep area using their state of the art display kitchens.  Our members will be divided into two groups.  Each group will then choose the foods from a large display that Fisher & Paykel have provided, and from there, magic will be made!  Some of the people in this group have never cooked so it becomes quite a quest to produce a unique dish.

Watching the groups last year was comical: You had the seasoned chef and the not so seasoned cook trying to make everything come together to be the winning team.  We had the high-end custom builders, distinquished remodelers, counter top sales, cabinet sales and many more members stepping outside their comfort zone to create that perfect dish and win the prize for not only their creativity, but best team spirit.

Remember, not everyone was well-versed in the kitchen culinary makeup.

But at the end, the best team came out on top and walked away with the prized title of BEST DISH.

What will this year bring? Heightened competition to beat last year’s team will surely be the theme: Those grills will be heating up both inside and out.

Don’t miss the fun! Sign up today at

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