Royal Throne a Royal Waster, but Fix is Easy

September 13, 2010

Quiz: What is the most inefficient appliance in your home?

Clue: This appliance also uses the most water.

It’s not the dishwasher, nor the washing machine. It’s not even the kitchen sink.

Answer: The most inefficient appliance in your home that also uses the most water is … The toilet.

The EPA estimates that toilets in homes use more than 2 trillion gallons of water each year. That accounts for a third of all U.S. indoor household water use.

So, what to do? Implement some new technology for less than $25 and save 30% in water use.

A recent study was conducted by Veritec Consulting, developer of the de facto toilet performance standards for the U.S EPA’s WaterSense Program, in conjunction with Sam Zell’s Equity Residential and MJSI, a leader in water conservation products.

The study attempted to reduce water usage in an apartment complex by retrofitting eight-year-old toilets with the HydroRight drop-in dual flush kit.

The kit converts a standard toilet into a two-button toilet:

*The Quick Flush button is for liquids and paper, which is the setting needed four out of five times people “go.” This setting uses up to 70% less water.

*A second Full Flush setting is for more, if you know what I mean.

The results of the study showed that the installation of the HydroRight “reduced indoor water use by 30%.” Veritec co-founder Bill Gauley also said that the device can be “expected to save even more water if retrofitting toilets that flush with 3.5 gallons or more.”

Even Chicago’s nationally syndicated handyman Lou Manfredini calls HydroRight one of today’s top household products.

You can get this device at hardware store or on the Internet for less than $25. It installs without tools in less than 10 minutes and works with all standard flush valves.

Visit for more information and flush with confidence.

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