Illinois Driving Up Traffic Fines

September 14, 2010

Got a lead foot? It could cost you a pretty penny.

The Illinois Supreme Court has approved ticket increases by as much as 60% for traffic violations, such as speeding, starting September 15.

The increases are geared toward motorists who are ticketed for minor traffic infractions and can mail in the fine as a bond instead of showing up in court.

Starting Wednesday, speeding 20 miles per hour or less over the speed limit can net a driver a $120 fine; the previous fine was $75.

The cash penalty for driving 21 to 30 mph over the limit will go from $95 to $140.

Other infractions will also incur higher fines, like not wearing a seat belt, driving on a suspended or revoked license, blowing off a stop sign or making an illegal turn.

This is the first court-imposed, mail-in bond increase since 1993 in Illinois.

While our cash-strapped state is facing a $13 billion budget deficit and definitely needs the extra funds, local and county governments could see could see less of those increased fines:

A new law Governor Pat Quinn enacted in July takes $15 out of each mail-in bond payment and puts it in a fund for the State Police, who have been threatened with extensive layoffs.

Don’t risk a ticket. Slow down and keep our neighborhoods safe.

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