Opportunities for Aurora Homeowners

September 17, 2010

The city of Aurora wants its homeowners to have better fences, toilets and energy.

Let’s start with the latter: Chicagoland Real Estate Forum has written about the benefits of home energy audits, and the city of Aurora is offering them up for free to residents who live within the city limits.

Aurora’s Energy Savers program will pay to send a certified home energy auditor out to perform an inspection that will determine the overall energy efficiency of your home. Normally, these audits can cost $600-$800.

After the inspection, energy-saving improvement tips will be provided to the homeowners, who may then be eligible for a 50% reimbursement incentive, up to $3,500, for energy improvements made to their homes within a certain amount of time.

Aurora will accept 75 applicants; the deadline is September 24 but could be extended if funds are still available.

For more information, contact Karen Zilly in the Neighborhood Redevelopment Division at (630) 256-3323.

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Now, the fences: This week, the Aurora city council voted 11-1 to approve a measure that will help certain homeowners improve the fencing around their properties.

The program is available to residents who live on New York Street and Galena Blvd. and who meet certain income requirements.

According to the Daily Herald, the city council approved the funding of $22,782 to Fence Connection, Inc. of Elgin to build the new fences.

Qualifying homeowners will receive the funds in the way of a loan that must be paid back.

The hope is that residents along those streets will change out their chain-link fences and improve the appearance of those neighborhoods.

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And the toilets?

Aurora homeowners can get a $100 rebate by installing a new, high-efficiency toilet featuring the “WaterSense” label.

The toilets, which the EPA says can save a family of four more than $90 a year on their water bills, come in a wide array of styles and prices.

The rebates, part of Aurora’s Water Saving Toilet Rebate Program designed to help residents save money on water bills, are for residential property owners who replace older toilets requiring 1.6 gallons or more per flush.

One rebate is available per city water billing account, and a maximum of 100 units will be eligible for the rebates.

The deadline for the rebate program was originally Sept. 1, but since there are still funds available, the deadline has been extended to Friday, October 1 or until the rebates run out.

The new toilets must be purchased from an Aurora business. Your old toilet should be placed at the curb for pick-up on your regular trash day. One garbage sticker is required.

To get more information on how to submit the rebate, click here.

This is the third story I have written this week involving toilets. If you don’t want to buy and install a new one, check out this product that costs less than $25 and can help you save money on water bills.

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Interesting tidbit of history:

Aurora is nicknamed the “City of Lights,” and it’s not because it shares its name with the northern lights, the Aurora Borealis.

Actually, Aurora achieved its nickname in 1881 when it became the first city in the United States to use an all-electric street lighting system.

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