Happy Place Opening at Chicago’s Block 37

September 27, 2010

Disney has a new Chicago home.

The newest Disney Store in downtown Chicago is opening on September 28 at the Block 37 Shops in the heart of the Loop.

The first 250 guests in the door at 10 a.m. will get a free pair of Mickey Mouse ears!

The new store, which houses 4,464 square feet on the southeast corner of Block 37, was built with an innovative new design that combines shopping and interactive entertainment.

*A touch-screen kiosk allows shoppers to view all the store’s products in an animated, 3-D experience.

*With its glistening blue glitter along the floor, the Pixie Dust Trail leads visitors throughout the store and to interactive elements.

*Magical Trees surround the trail and change colors, images and music.

*The Disney Store Theatre allows guests to see classic and new Disney entertainment, sneak-peek previews, music videos and more.

*The Disney-Pixar Cars-branded Ridemakerz attraction gives fans an opportunity to build their own custom cars.

*The Disney Princess Castle with Magic Mirror produces characters with a wave of a wand.

It’s as close to Disneyland as Chicago is going to get.

*What: Disney Store Grand Opening

*Where: Block 37 Shops, Space 150, 1 W. Randolph at the corner of State and Washington in Chicago

*When: Tuesday, September 28; 10 a.m.

*Why: Disney plans to donate 10 percent of the day’s sales to the Make-a-Wish Foundation


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