Two Chicagoans Among Finalists to Live at Museum

September 27, 2010

Remember when we told you about the contest that will allow one person to make the Museum of Science and Industry his or her Chicago home for 30 days?

Now, after more than 1,500 people from all over the world applied to spend a Month at the Museum, MSI officials have narrowed it down to five finalists, and two are from Chicago.

The finalists, their home cities and occupations:

Kate McGroarty

*Kate McGroarty; Chicago; theater writer, director, teacher and performer

*Alex Dainis; Mansfield, Massachusetts; majoring in biology and film as a senior at Brandeis University

*Krispijn Larrison; Seattle, Washington; window display artist and salesman for a record store

*Johnathan Wilson; Lake Charles, Louisiana; musician, worked for the U.S. Census

Felix Jung

*Felix Jung; Chicago; Flash developer for Emmis Interactive

There were supposed to be only three final candidates, but officials couldn’t narrow it down past these five and decided to leave it up to the public.

The winner will live inside the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago 24/7 from October 20 through November 18, all along blogging, tweeting and posting videos about the experience. At the end, that person will win $10,000.

You can vote for your favorite Chicagoan — or anyone else, I suppose — at Voting goes until October 4, and you can vote daily.

Stay tuned to Chicagoland Real Estate Forum to find out who wins and how to watch that tenant live inside our Chicago museum.

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