Chicago Shoppers, Why Clip When You Can Click to Save?

September 29, 2010

So, recently Chicagoland Real Estate Forum told you about a promotion from Chicago area Jewel-Osco stores in which shoppers can earn free cookware.

Now, Chicago’s other major grocery chain is counter-promoting.

Dominick’s has created just for U, a personalized savings program that offers its shoppers discounts based on their individual purchasing history.

When you register for the program online, the system will determine the items you regularly buy and then offer you personal price offers, coupons and weekly specials.

That’s why it’s called just For U: Each program is designed just for you and your spending habits.

Simply load the deals that interest you and then go shop. The discounts will be automatically taken off at the register when you use your Fresh Values Card. No need to clip coupons!

On the just For U site, shoppers can access:

*Coupon center: The largest digital grocery coupon site in North America. You choose the coupons you want and then load them onto your card.

*Personalized deals: These specials were created for you and can be used multiple times over a 90-day period. The offers, which again are added to your Fresh Values Card, list the sale price at Dominick’s and a competitor’s current price, like Walmart.

*Your club specials: This determines the items you regularly buy and then tells you when they are on sale at the store you do most of your shopping. Just activate the specials on your card and go shop.

You need a Dominick's Fresh Values Card to register and use the just for U program.

The offers each have varying expiration dates and some require minimum purchases.

Don’t despair if you just love clipping coupons (and who doesn’t?): You can use those manufacturer coupons in addition to the just For U savings.

There’s no reason not to give the program a try: Once you register online with your Dominick’s Fresh Values Card, you’ll receive an offer for a free dozen eggs!

Register your Fresh Values Card at For more information on the program, or for issues with registration, call (877) SAFEWAY.

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