Chicagoan Begins Her Month-Long Residency at MSI

October 20, 2010

An Andersonville resident has moved in to her new Chicago home.

Remember when we told you about the Museum of Science and Industry’s Month at the Museum Contest?

Well, today is move-in day for the winner, Kate McGroarty, a Chicago resident who is now a MSI resident for 30 days.

Kate's Month at the Museum Day 1

Real Kate looks at cardboard Kate on Day 1 of her residency at the Museum of Science and Industry.

McGroarty gets an exclusive all-access pass to the largest science center in the country, plus 30 “Month at the Museum” t-shirts — one for each day — and a technology package, which includes a notebook computer and camera, so we can live vicariously through her as she documents her experiences.

You can follow Kate’s month on Facebook or Twitter.

McGroarty, 24, will live in the museum through November 18 and can go anywhere she wants. She can even go on the roof where there are lookouts to enjoy the sunset. McGroarty will have a two-room suite for private quarters but has said she will definitely sleep in the U-505 submarine.

The new museum resident will never actually be alone. There are at least six security guards on duty all night.

And, when the experiment is over, McGroarty won’t be leaving the museum alone, either. She will bring home her technology package, a lifetime membership to MSI and $10,000.

Maybe she’ll use it as a down payment on a real, new Chicago home.

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