Prepare Before Strong Winds Tear Up the Chicago Area

October 25, 2010

The Windy City is going to live up to its moniker Tuesday, when high winds will be a major factor around the area. Protect your Chicago home before it hits.

According to the Chicago weatherman Tom Skilling, a high-wind warning will be in effect from 7 a.m. Tuesday through 7 p.m. Wednesday around the Chicago area. There will be a period of strong thunderstorms early on Tuesday followed by winds gusting over 50 miles per hour.

“It appears we could establish a new record for the lowest October barometric pressure in this storm,” said Skilling. “Models put Chicago’s barometric pressure at 29.05 Tuesday morning. If true, this would break the old October record low of 29.11 set Oct. 19, 1937, Oct. 19, 1947 and Oct. 24, 1959.”

The lower the barometric pressure, the worse the weather. According to Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski, the lowest barometric pressure in the history of the Chicago Weather Bureau was 28.70 on March 12, 1923, when winds roared in from the northeast with gusts to 60 miles per hour.

The warning is in effect for the counties of:

Tree down during a Chicago storm

Beware of fallen trees during the upcoming wind storm.











A high-wind watch is in effect for Will and Kendall Counties.

Protect your Chicago home with these steps:

*If you haven’t packed up for winter, now might be a good time. Take down your patio umbrella and store the lawn furniture.

*Put away all toys, bikes, lawn-care equipment, garbage containers, grills and anything else that could become flying debris.

*Anchor your trampoline to the ground.

*Park your car in the garage if you have one.

*Close your windows and shutters and lower any awnings.

*Prepare for the event of a power outage: Make sure you know the whereabouts of flashlights, batteries, candles, a battery-powered radio and a phone that isn’t cordless.

You should also consider bringing in your Halloween decorations if you want them to make it to Sunday. When the storm dies down, put those decorations back up, snap a picture of your work, then e-mail it to us at news@chicagorealestateforum.com and your home will be a star on Chicagoland Real Estate Forum!

Stay safe, Chicagoland.

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