Birthday Celebration Offers Glimpse at British Colonial Living

October 29, 2010

Take a step back in time this weekend and experience the days of the British Empire in South Asia with a free open house at a River North retailer.

The Golden Triangle is celebrating 21 years in business with Return to the Raj, a special event that gives you the opportunity to view the largest collection of British Colonial antiques the store ever assembled as you walk through the “Rangoon Mansion.”

The Rangoon Mansion

Here's a sneak peak inside the Rangoon Mansion.

The mansion is the store’s reconstructed British Colonial veranda house. Costumed actors will provide the nostalgic setting for the day and there will be themed refreshments to enjoy.

The house will show off owners Doug Van Tress and Chauwarin Tuntisak’s rare collection of artifacts from India and Southeast Asia including antique and contemporary furniture, ceramics, architectural ornamentation, art, screens and more.

The Golden Triangle is one of the largest outlets in the country devoted to Asian art, antiques and home furnishings. If you haven’t seen 23,000-square-foot space on North Clark Street, Saturday would be a great day to do it.

What: Return to the Raj

Where: The Golden Triangle, 330 N. Clark Street, Chicago

When: Saturday, October 30; 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Cost: Free

Visit: www.goldentriangle.biz for more information

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