Imagine a Carless Chicago

November 08, 2010

Hey Chicago residents: Got a minute? Change your city!

People holding up a board of suggestions in Chicago.CEOs for Cities, and the Chicago Transit Authority, has launched a new campaign called Give a Minute for Chicago. It was designed for residents to help make Chicago an easier place to get around without owning a car.

Some city officials, including CTA Chairman Terry Peterson, Active Transportation Alliance Executive Director Ron Burke and SRAM President and CEO Stan Day, are asking residents this question,

“Hey Chicago, what would encourage you to walk, bike or take CTA more often?”

Got an idea?

*Text it to (312) 3880-0436


*Post it at

The campaign runs through December 10. The ideas will be used during the Connectivity Challenge, an event that will be held in Chicago December 8-10 by the CEOs for Cities and the Chicago Architecture Foundation. Its goal is to create a community in which its citizens could meet all their daily needs without a car.

Sounds green. And peaceful.

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