Sustainable Cities Workshop Brings Insights to Chicago

November 14, 2010

The Sustainable Cities Design Academy (SCDA) is gathering this week in one of America’s most sustainable cities. Can you guess where?

You know it: Chicago! (Guess I gave away the answer in the headline, huh?)

the scda logoHosted by the American Architectural Foundation (AAF), the workshop brings together leaders from three geographically diverse cities to work with a team of sustainable design experts to figure out how to strengthen their local development projects.

The cities and their projects for the November 14-16 Chicago conference are:

*Chula Vista, California: How to make their E Street Trolley and bus transfer stations more sustainable.

*Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: The redevelopment of a residential neighborhood into a green and equitable center.

*Denver, Colorado: Transforming a four-block site of historic properties into a model for an energy- and resource-efficient neighborhood design.

The AAF and the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) launched the first SCDA in January 2009. The Chicago workshop is the fifth session and the third event for 2010. Past workshops have taken place in Boston, Washington D.C. and Seattle.

“UTC believes everything we do today can be done better tomorrow,” said Sandy Diehl, VP for Integrated Building Solutions at UTC. “We’re delighted to partner with AAF to help participants benefit from best practices from urban planners, environmental engineers, and other experts in the building industry. We hope that, with SCDA’s expertise, these projects will stand as long-term examples for future sustainable cities.

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