Naperville Pawn Shop and Its Crew to Star on TLC

November 15, 2010

So? Did you tune in to TLC last night to see The Perfect Thing in Wheaton on TV?

Now comes word that another piece of Chicago area real estate will be a star on The Learning Channel.

Pawn Queens” is a new show on TLC that will center around the Naperville Jewelry & Loan, 635 East Ogden Avenue in Naperville, the only pawn shop that caters to women.

Pawn Queens Minda (left) and Nikki will be on your television this Thursday.

Pawn Queens Minda (left) and Nikki will be on your TV Thursday.

The show follows business partners Nikki Ruehl, Minda Grabiec, Tom Brunzelle and Greg Holloway as they pawn, purchase and sell anything that will help keep their company stay afloat.

Each episode shows Minda and Nikki attempting to prove that the pawn business is not just for men.

TLC producers found the Naperville shop on the internet and spent most of August filming at the store.

There’s drama right out of the gate in the first two episodes, scheduled for 9 and 9:30 p.m. on Thursday on TLC: A woman comes to the store to collect her $10,000 diamond ring she used as collateral for a pawn loan, but the group can’t find it. If it doesn’t show up, the owners will have to reimburse the woman the entire cost of the ring.

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The Barbie that they bought was a #4 with GREEN EAR and paid $3K, which is an outrageous price for that doll in that condition.

If you need a consultant to avoid mistakes like this, please contact me.


I could not believe my ears, this lady on the show was obviously not educated on moissanite. She actually told a customer that her moissanite bracelet was only worth 75$. Omg. Are you kidding me. She needs to go to and not only educate herself but notice the prices for real moissanite. So sad someone is so uneducated when someone who handles jewelry everyday should know better.


Hello Tracey,

It was tough to watch the first episode and see those girl throw away $2500 on a doll and case that they will not make money on. The Vintage Barbie that they bought is only worth about $200. That was not a #1 doll from 1959 but actually, a #5 1961 doll with a bad case of green ear. The first Barbie (#1) almost never has green ear and when she does, it barely shows around the earring hole. The #1 Barbie did not have blue eyes, they were only black and white. And she would have had round holes in the bottom of her feet.

Mattel used the same copyright mark on Barbie from 1958-1961. There are many variables involved in collecting Barbie and obviously the Pawn Queens need someone to help identify dolls and values when someone brings them in. There are experts in the Chicago area who would probably be happy to help them.

The lady who waited impatiently to sell should thank her lucky stars that she did wait. Personally, I think that she should get down and kiss their feet! LOL!

A Vintage Barbie lover


You dont have 3k for a barbie but have 8k and 24k for a car what a stupid shoe id pay you not to put it on!!!


That is a #5 Barbie Doll, perhaps a #6, worth about $50 at most – What a joke! Here are some tips girls, #1 Barbie Doll was made with a different type of vinyl that almost always loses its color over time, so she is usually ghostly white in color, PLUS the body is solid, rubbery vinyl, not hard and hollow, PLUS #1 Barbie has No color in her eyes, just black and white PLUS her eyebrows are drastically arched, almost pointy, not curved, PLUS she has holes in the feet tiny metal tubes inside so she could stand on a pronged stand. Anyone who deals in Barbie dolls could spot this doll at first glance as being a #5 or maybe even a #6 – the Green ears mean nothing except she was poorly kept over time… So TLC must be “the learning channel” in regards to learning that a fool and her money are soon parted (or in this case 2 fools, most likely spending TLC’s money no doubt) Say can I interest you ladies in about 5 more of these dolls, I’ll sacrifice them for 10 grand for the lot! LOL!!!


This show is so embarrassing.
Buying a #5 Barbie with green ear & no box for $3,000.???
These “Pawn Queens” are dumb queens.
This show has got to be fake.
It’s too bad to be real.
The buyers are too stupid to be legit.
Oh, and if they want any more #5 Barbies w/ green ear, have them contact me right away.
I’ll be more than happy to sell them my Barbie crap for 3 Gs a pop.
TLC, you’ve hit an all time low.


Anyone interested in barbie dolls….I have one 1955….several in the 1960’s, and several from the 1980’s….have been played with and needs some loving care…also in this group is a several small dolls from the 50’s or 60’s


Saw my first episode tonight. I seriously thought it was all scripted. Their shop is sad, I don’t imagine their show staying on tv or their business staying open much longer.


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Won’t last as it will go bankrupt paying ridiculous money for items like the dress, stove, and barbie doll. A quick look online would have shown the doll wasn’t worth the money.

I suspect this was all staged anyway. NON-reality reality TV.


Yeah me and wife are up watching this new show on TLC. We have been cracking jokes since we first turned it on. The show makes no sense what so ever. First of, they have no idea of values of what they are buying or selling. Second, how can u not have the money to by a 3k doll but drop over 20k in the next segment? These guys/gals are absolute idiots. Now that I have your address, I will be out to sell ya some of my fine pieces!


i was very disapointed….u spent too much money that you dont have.. i think you need to close shop…or take some lessons from the pros!!!!
having to go melt gold cuz u lost someones jewelry???? i know i’ll never go there…..


AMEN..such a joke!


I have a Ken in a tux; sandy blonde hair,
a number 5 on his left butt, and PATS PEND
on the right butt.
Interested in making an offer?



they need to take some lessons from rick in las vegas. they have no clue


Well, I enjoyed seeing the stuff that was brought in. I personally wondered why some of the items were not sold on ebay. It’s stupid to think that you’d get a lot at a pawn shop.


The girls are hot !!the show is hot,watchout Rick Harrison,they got you,these girls are the real thing !!!


This show is painful to watch. Seems like they are clueless.

Hope they do well and can survive without having to melt gold to stay afloat.


I’m just reading some of the comments that people have posted and I think its very sad that most of these comments are comments that were just posted to put these women down and bash them regardless if they threw money away or not that’s no reason to call them dumb or stupid its very sad that a lot of u have to put them down to make yourselves feel better at the end of the day they are the ones with their own business and the show on tv that your at home sitting on your couch watching. You should ask yourselves damn how old am I and what have I accomplished in my life that even compares to what these women have accomplished thus far. Keep up the good work ladies and keep your many haters that you’ve gained with your new found success tuned in to watch your business and show grow, and always remember if people aren’t hating on you or talking about you then you’re doing something wrong!!!


I agree, Destiney!


The woman look kinda hot (especially Minda), but the show was scripted (poorly). They WOULD have done research on the doll, before putting out big money on it, so total BS (non-reality)…..There’s also a bunch of crap about Pawn Stars as well. I’ve been there many times, and met all of them. They aren’t ANYTHING like they seem on TV, and the reality of things is that they DON’T have time for you, and the show has gone “to their heads” (and their employees heads also!!


i just caught the first 2 episodes..
i really hope it will be the last..
these people dont have a clue about what they are doing..
its funny that they lose items and dont have insurence to back themselves up..
its really sad that this is what T.L.C has stooped to..
drop it before it gets cancelled..


I had to rewind the show several times because I could not believe they paid 3,000 for that Barbie. I am a collector and seller. Ladies PLEASE go online and check prices. There are many experts out there that will save you lots of money.

Hard to believe this is real life. Need some serious rewriting.


AAAAGGHH !! looks like the shop was just slapped together fast for the show !! C’mon this is a joke isn’t it ??


Put on the original !! ….Pawn Stars !!!!

Wild and Crazy Guys
May 5th, 2011 at 9:50 pm

We are wild and crazy guys !!!


hey wheres my post ???/


I grew up in Naperville for 22 years 2 blocks from their shop. Let me say this is a disgrace to the city of Naperville!


Well, it doesn’t look like a pawn shop but Nikki is hot…


Both this show and the what the sell are ridiculous. The stores are horrible. If they want to see how a real antique store is run, they should check out the Huntley Antique Mall at the Prime Outlet Mall in Huntley, IL
At least you will find knowledgeable owners and great items and they wont kid you on prices


here’s an idea, if you dont like the show then dont watch it. it’s that simple. many people probably dont want to look at the people posting on here either.


woo woo…. I want a Tee Shirt


I want a pawn queen t-shirt


Mama mia ! I want the girls !!!

The Great McGonagle
May 9th, 2011 at 2:18 pm

I’d like to tend bar for these hotties !

The Great McGonagle
May 9th, 2011 at 7:11 pm



Yes, we moderate your posts, and we do not print the ones that are inappropriate. In fact, I think we’ve been pretty lenient when it has come to this subject.

The Great McGonagle
May 10th, 2011 at 2:29 pm

The girls have to dress down …not so sexy looking If that’s how you want to get ratings ,then take the show off the air ..You don’t want us guys to look ..then don’t show off !!


“r.u. serious | Mar 18, 2011 | Reply
i just caught the first 2 episodes..
i really hope it will be the last..
these people dont have a clue about what they are doing..
its funny that they lose items and dont have insurence to back themselves up..
its really sad that this is what T.L.C has stooped to..
drop it before it gets cancelled..”


The biggest difference between this show and the real Pawn Star shows is that this one is in a yuppie-town where everyone thinks their junk is worth millions. Even the shops owners think everything is worth a whole lot more than it really is.


To heck with the show, the girls are smokin’ hot and a pleasure to watch.

Larsen P. Whipsnade
May 16th, 2011 at 9:28 am

That’s why I’m watching the show


First time watching the show. A waste of time, will not watch it again. Naperville is a faux kind of town, just like the show.


I agree!

bernice mcmurrough
May 19th, 2011 at 9:53 pm

hello i would love to buy the high heel shoe chair that you have on youe show please send me information so i can do this thanks


Nothing on pawn stars but these girls are hot, especially nikki, she has got a banging body, if they want more viewers they should show cleavage, why in the hell are they covering up so much

Larsen P Wipsnade
May 23rd, 2011 at 5:09 pm

And what the heck is the matter with their boyfriends..letting them show off their assets. I don’t want men staring at my wife!!!


The glass pulls on the Dental cabinet sell for about $50.00 each in the decorator market.


give em a break i predict thiz show will hit it off.They juz need the right situation @ the right time juz like the others:-)Great thingz happen in Illinois:-)


No. this show is not real.
Yes. I know it for a fact.

Most of the ‘customers’ are friends of the actors who pretend to be the women running the store. They might be listed on paper as ‘owners’, but they are only there for this show. The men are the actual owners who ran this business, and anyone who had been in this stores old location before the show moved them to the new one, will know these females were nowhere to be found before.

One more fake thing in Naperville. From the comments here, it’s obvious the ladies aren’t fooling too many people.


Actually, Minda and Greg are cousins. This has been pointed out in YouTube videos from another family member(who was so excited to get their own 15 seconds of fame, they thought that pointing this out was a good idea).

TLC also did not ‘find this shop on the internet’ as claimed here. The producers were quoted elsewhere as starting this show after a HS reunion with their old friends in town. It was at this point that they created the ‘female owned shop’ angle to make their pitch to the network, since these women weren’t involved in the shop, at all, before this time.


I liked it.

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