Oakley Home Builders Wins Gold for Hinsdale Home

November 17, 2010

Chicagoland Real Estate Forum congratulates Oakley Home Builders for winning a Gold Key Award in the category of “Excellence in New Construction Custom Home; 4,001 square feet and over” for a house at 430 S. Washington Street.

Oakley Home Builders recently completed a beautiful coastal estate in Hinsdale. The project involved tearing down the original two-story yellow limestone home that was built in the 1940s. The yellow limestone was reclaimed from the original brick and stone, featuring the Chicago Stone Company stamp, to use in the new home’s basement and wine cellar. The yellow limestone adds a quality to the home that money can’t buy, as the stone is no longer available for sale.

The original house was built by architect Hubert Bebb. The home earned a significant rating, meaning it would be an important property should the neighborhood be classified as a landmark area.

The reclaiming of the stone was environmentally friendly and preserved the historic nature of the home site. “This is an opportunity to help the environment and do something unique,” said builder Steve Sobkowiak. “And it’s a great story.”

Not only did Oakley Home Builders reclaim the stone to make this an environmentally friendly home, but the builders also chose to feature Energy Star rated appliances, HVAC equipment and a heavily upgraded blown-in fiber insulation package.

The Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago Key Awards were created in 1972 to recognize excellence in housing design, architecture, interior merchandising, remodeling and landscaping. It has since evolved into one of the premier housing programs in the country.

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