MSI Roommate Ends Her Residency

November 20, 2010

Chicago’s museum resident has moved out.

Remember when Chicagoland Real Estate Forum told you about Kate McGroarty, the Chicago resident who won the Museum of Science and Industry’s Month at the Museum contest, which gave her the opportunity to live in the Chicago museum for 30 days?

Well, her momentous stay has come to a close.

Kate McGroarty at the MuseumSo? How did it go?

“I expected to come away from this experience with a new understanding and appreciation for science,” said Kate. “The month has definitely lived up to that expectation. Science is beautiful, engaging and just about EVERYWHERE.

“I used to think that because I was more naturally drawn to the arts and literature, science did not have a place in my life. INCORRECT! The only person who told me I couldn’t love science was myself. And now I have a whole new world to discover for the rest of my life.”

Throughout her residency, Kate, 24, walked through every single exhibit, slept in the U-505 submarine, met Apollo astronaut Jim Lovell, viewed the sun rising over Lake Michigan from the roof and went ghost hunting with professional ghost chasers during Halloween.

No paranormal activity was found.

Before she moved out of the museum on November 18, Kate helped to light the Christmas Around the World Grand Tree in a museum tradition that began in 1942.

Now the Northwestern University theater program graduate and Andersonville teacher heads home with $10,000 and, perhaps more invaluable, a free membership to the museum for life.

“I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have had this once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Kate. “But the discoveries are just getting started. The world is constantly changing. There are new science discoveries every day, new stories being written, new people entering our lives and new cities and countries to explore.

“Never stop learning. Never stop exploring.”

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