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November 25, 2010

I love holiday cards. Each year, I search through all my pictures to find the perfect one — which usually turns out to be the one-that-will-do — to send to 80 of my closest friends. On average, about 60 of them send one back.

Yes, I count them. I believe my record one year was 94.

So, if I get a card from 147,000 people, can I count it as more than one?

The word PEACE spelled out in NapervilleThe city of Naperville has arranged for a community photo shoot of as many residents as it can gather on Friday for its 2010 Holiday Card.

The shoot is set to be at the base of the Millennium Carillon, located near Rotary Hill, 443 W. Aurora Ave., at 2 p.m. Participants should arrive at 1:30 p.m.

Mayor A. George Pradel says those residents will be arranged to spell out the word “Peace.”

“Naperville is a community that comes together time and time again to support and encourage each other,” Mayor A. George Pradel said. “We’re telling the world that Naperville is a city that promotes peace on Earth, peace throughout our nation, and peace right here at home.

“I especially encourage all of our young people to come out and help make the 2010 holiday card a community message from all of us.”

They are looking for volunteers to help with the photo shoot. If you are interested, call Community Relations at (630) 420-6707.

Should be an interesting event. Have fun if you go. And, don’t forget to send me a card!

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