Chicago Residency Challenged Against Mayoral Candidate

November 27, 2010

As expected, he’s been challenged.

I’m talking about Rahm Emanuel, who rented his Chicago home to go be chief of staff in Washington until Mayor Daley said he was retiring, so Emanuel moved back to Chicago to run for Mayor, but his tenant, Rob Halpin, wouldn’t move out. You know the story by now. If not, click here.

Rahm Emanuel

Chicago resident?

The law says candidates must live in the city for a year before the February 22 election, and Rahm was in Washington last February 22, so, as expected, many petitions were filed this week challenging Emanuel’s residency. At least 15, in fact.

One of those filers was Chicago attorney Burt Odelson, who specializes in election law.

“The law says you have to have a physical presence, not just intent,” Odelson told reporters on Friday when he filed the challenge to Emanuel’s mayoral bid. “It’s the physical presence, it’s where your wife lives, it’s where your children live, it’s where your children go to school.”

It’s campaign smearing at its worst. Going to Washington to temporarily work for the President of the United States should not exclude Rahm from running for the Chicago job, and: The man still pays property taxes on his Chicago home!

Wonder if Karma is playing a roll here: In 2004, Emanuel filed a challenge of his own, this one against attorney Mark Fredrickson who was running against him for Congress.

Regardless of all this mess, a We Ask America poll, conducted this week by the Chicago Retails Merchants Association, showed that Rahm was favored in the race by 39 percent. Halpin, Rahm’s tenant, who is also running, received votes from less than 1 percent of the respondents.

Stay tuned for updates.

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[…] was still paying property taxes here in Chicago. Emanuel left cherished possessions behind in his Chicago home, which he rented out on a short-term basis to the Halpin family. You remember Rob Halpin, the man […]

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