Watch Where You Park in Chicago Tonight; We Don’t Want You To Get Towed!

November 30, 2010

Chicago residents, beware! The city’s annual Winter Overnight Parking Ban begins at 3 a.m. on Wednesday.

The parking ban, in effect from December 1 through April 1, dictates that you can’t park along 107 miles of key arterial Chicago streets from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m., snow or no.

Sign explaining no parking

This Chicago sign posts both parking restrictions.

Parking in a Winter Overnight Parking Ban spot can net you:

*A minimum of a $150 towing fee

*$50 ticket

*Daily storage fee of $10 that increases over time

Not the holiday gift you want.

Last year on December 1, 234 drivers ignored the posted regulations and were fined. On day two, 164 motorists still acted clueless.

The signs that mark the Winter Overnight Parking Ban are posted near the signs for the 2-inch snow parking ban, which are posted along 500 miles of arterial streets.

Both parking bans were created in response to massive snow storms, including the Great Blizzard of ’67, which brought traffic in the city to a halt.

“It is very important for our residents who park on the street to work with us to keep these critical routes open to full capacity by obeying the winter parking regulations,” said Streets & Sanitation Commissioner Thomas G. Byrne. “If we all work together we will be able to make it through winter safe and secure.”

And ticket free.

Here are the Winter Overnight Parking Ban Streets:

* 103rd St. from Pulaski Rd. to Torrence Ave.

* 79th St. from Cicero Ave. to South Shore Drive

* Cottage Grove Ave. from 103rd St. to Midway Plaisance

* Kedzie Ave. from 87th. St. to North Ave.

* 106th St. from Torrence Ave. to State Line Rd.

* Torrence Ave. from 103rd St. to 106th St.

* Midway Plaisance from Cottage Grove to Dorchester Ave.

* Payne Dr. from Midway Pl. to Morgan Dr.

* Dr. M L King Dr. from Garfield Blvd. to Cermak Rd.

* Cermak Rd. from Dr. M L King Dr. to State St.

* State St. from Cermak Rd. to Congress Pkwy.

* Archer Ave. from Harlem Ave. to State St.

* Madison St. from Austin Blvd. to Des Plaines St.

* Central Ave. from Harrison St. to Bryn Mawr Ave.

* Division St. from Austin Blvd. to La Salle St.

* Kedzie Ave. from Bryn Mawr Ave. to Irving Park Rd.

* Milwaukee Ave. from Lake St. to Central Ave.

* Foster Ave. from Clark St. to Kennedy Expressway

* Clark St. from Devon Ave. to Howard St.

* Cannon Dr. (West side) from Fullerton Pkwy. to Diversey Pkwy.

* Devon Ave. from Clark St. to Sheridan Rd.

* Garfield Blvd. from Morgan St. to Ellsworth Rd.

* Kedzie from Moffat St. to Milwaukee Ave.

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