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December 03, 2010

In an effort to preserve the mortgage interest deduction and protect homeownership, the National Association of Home Builders has launched a new web site. was created to explain why this American housing policy is essential to homeowners.

According to the NAHB, close to 80 percent of Americans support the mortgage interest deduction, which makes buying a home more affordable, provides the highest benefit to younger households and helps make the nation’s tax system more progressive.

“Americans overwhelmingly oppose any action by Congress to tamper with the mortgage interest deduction, but it could be eliminated or scaled back as Congress and the Administration are looking at tax increases in light of deficit concerns,” said NAHB President Bob Jones, a home builder from Bloomfield Hills, Mich. “The consequences would be devastating for home owners, the housing market and the nation’s economy.”

Learn all the facts and get in on the fight to defend the mortgage interest deduction. The site provides all the information you need to stay well-informed on the matter. Your opinion can also be heard Facebook and Twitter.

Ever since the federal income tax was introduced in 1913, the government has used the tax code to encourage homeownership.

Now, thanks to the out-of-control federal deficit, Congress is considering changes to the tax code that would significantly reduce the value of the mortgage interest deduction and have a dramatic impact on homeowners.

Visit, learn the facts, and take a stand.

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