With Internet Up, I See That Halpin is Out

December 06, 2010

That was quick.

I’m referring to Rob Halpin, the controversial Chicago tenant who is running for mayor against his landlord. Was running, I should say. He dropped out today.

Rob Halpin smoking a cigar.

Rob Halpin has dropped out of the Chicago mayoral race but not out of Rahm Emanuel's house.

You know the story. Rahm Emanuel went to Washington to be President Obama’s chief of staff and rented Halpin his Chicago home. When Mayor Daley announced his retirement, Emanuel left his prestigious post and came back to Chicago to run for mayor. Halpin wouldn’t give him his house back, then added insult-to-injury by entering the mayoral race as a candidate.

Halpin’s controversial run ended today when he withdrew from the race a few hours before a hearing to decide whether he could be on the ballot in the first place.

“With the end of a political era pending, the City of Chicago faces some enormous challenges. As a life-long Chicagoan, I considered a mayoral run because I am passionate about the city, its residents and its future. However, the realities of entering the race at this relatively late stage, including the financial and legal hurdles I’d have to leap in order to win, have forced me to reassess my intention to run at this time,” said Halpin in a statement.

Now, is he going to give Emanuel his house back?

* * *

Last night, my Internet was out. I called my boss, who said, “You have more internet trouble than anyone I know.”

Turns out, it wasn’t just me.

It's frightening to think how many Comcast customers missed out on visiting Chicagoland Real Estate Forum last night.

In one of the Chicago area’s biggest ever high-speed Internet outages, more than 1 million Comcast customers were unable to connect Sunday night.

And, it wasn’t just the Chicago area. The five-hour outage stretched across the Midwest and included Northwest Indiana, southwest Michigan and Minnesota.

And, apparently it happened exactly one week after a similar outage affected millions of Comcast customers on the East Coast.

The outages were caused by Comcast’s Domain Name System (DNS), which are servers that translate numeral Web addresses into domain names and vice versa.

Comcast isn’t offering any mass refunds, but I wonder if you could get something if you called in and asked for it.

I’m just happy to have my Internet back. Without it, I wouldn’t even know that Halpin has dropped out of the Chicago mayoral race.

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