We Can Vouch for the Importance of Weatherizing Your Chicago Home

December 07, 2010

Did you winter weatherize your Chicago home? Are you holding off because of the cost? Did you realize that you are probably paying more in energy bills thanks to the cold weather?

Weatherizing your home for winter can save you money. Here’s another way to save money on winter weatherization if you live in Chicago.

According to the Chicago Reader, alderman from the city of Chicago are passing out $40 Home Depot vouchers good for various winter weather accessories for your Chicago home.

A woman programming a thermostat

Keep your Chicago home comfortable and save money with a programmable thermostat.

Some of those items include:

*Programmable thermostats



*Furnace filters



You’ll have to show your ID plus proof of your Chicago address in order to get one.

The City of Chicago is divided into 50 districts, and each district is represented by an alderman. To find the one in your district, and check to see if they are passing out these vouchers, visit

Good luck!

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