Illinois Pushing High-Efficiency Lamps

December 14, 2010

There is a special sale going offering Illinois’ public sector bargain prices on energy-efficient lighting.

The federal government has mandated that T12 fluorescent lamps be phased out of production in 2012, which means all public facilities will have to upgrade all of their T12 lighting.

Hall at a public building with fluorescent lights.To help the public sector and public schools, the State Energy Office at the Illinois Department of Economic Opportunity (DCEO) is conducting a special lighting sale through its Illinois Energy Now program so these facilities can upgrade to high-efficiency T8 or T5 lamps.

“The incentive amount for lighting will never be better than through this special sale,” said Warren Ribley, Director of DCEO. “The Illinois Energy Now program allows the State of Illinois to assist communities in funding energy efficiency projects and provides DCEO with the necessary resources to meet the State’s green goals by reducing the demand for electricity, conserving tax dollars and creating green sector jobs.”

The special sale will go on from now through April 15, 2011 and is open to municipalities, park districts, fire districts, public k-12 schools, public universities, community colleges and state and federal facilities within ComEd and Ameren electric service areas.

Applicants must submit an addendum along with the standard application. Check out the guidelines and specifications at

If it’s going to have to be done, might as well do it cost-effectively.

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