Holiday Party Decoration for the Chicago Winter

December 15, 2010

Hosting a holiday party should not be a burden.  The holidays should be exciting for everyone involved. It’s a perfect time to show off your home as well as your artistic side.

First, decide the color palette of your house. It is one of the most crucial steps in decorating for holiday parties. However, don’t get too excited about colors. Limit the main colors to two or three color palettes in order to create a nice harmony in the house. Many people choose the colors red and green for Christmas decorations, but feel free to explore other colors.

The winter season can be a good source of inspiration while creating your color palettes for your Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas party, or any upcoming holiday occasions this winter.

*Blue and white: Two main colors of winter that can create a nice classy touch to a room’s interior.

*All white: Some people use all white mixed with glitter and sparkles of silver and gold here and there, often trying to imitate white snow and flickering stars.

*Silver and gold: These colors are not always flashy. You can find soft textures and colors of silver and gold too. We encourage you to mix them with some brown shades to create an elegant, warm feel look for the holiday party decoration.

Moreover, a themed-party should ALWAYS be fun, especially if there are children involved. If everybody is complaining about the cold winter in Chicago, why not throw a tropical-themed party?

No more sweaters indoor, imagine that!

Turn the heat up and ask everyone to come in their summer clothes and sandals. Don’t forget to serve your guests with some tropical food, snacks and beverages.  (Okay that idea is not for everyone!)

Dinner Preparation

Preparing the dinnerware is highly essential. Paper plates are always the easiest option, which you can use as a last resort. If possible, use dinnerware that matches your decoration theme. Yes, they might be expensive, but there are party stores where you can rent dinnerware of your choice. If you have different holiday party themes every year, this is a great option.

Also, simple accessories around the house would be nice to build more comfortable atmosphere. Fresh flowers, especially in the winter time, are always greatly appreciated. You can also mix fruit and flowers for the decoration. To add more warmth, put small candles or candles bouquets in a few rooms. If there are children at the party, you might want to use battery or electricity-powered candles instead.

Last but not least, no matter how busy it is, don’t forget to have as much fun as possible at your party.

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