Emanuel Likened to Lincoln in Residency Case

December 19, 2010

After dozens of people have challenged Rahm Emanuel’s residency in Chicago, dozens more have come forward saying he has every right to run for mayor of the city.

The law requires a mayoral candidate to live in Chicago for at least a year before an election. A year ago, Rahm Emanuel was President Obama’s White House chief of staff and was living in Washington.

Rahm with his hand on his chin.

Emanuel is said to have a lead in the race for mayor of Chicago.

But he was still paying property taxes here in Chicago. Emanuel left cherished possessions behind in his Chicago home, which he rented out on a short-term basis to the Halpin family. You remember Rob Halpin, the man who wouldn’t give Emanuel his home back and then actually ran for mayor for a few hours.

Tons of professional and amateur opponents have come forward over the last week to challenge Rahm Emanuel’s residency and ability to run for mayor.

On Saturday, 48 Chicago legal experts filed a amicus brief saying that Emanuel does in fact meet the residency requirements to run for mayor of Chicago.

“Mr. Emanuel is a Chicagoan,” the brief states.

The group — including 14 former judges, four Chicago-area law professors and eight past Chicago Bar Association presidents — wrote that Emanuel had always intended to come back to Chicago to live and cited that people are allowed to leave Illinois to work for the United States without giving up their residency.

The group compared Emanuel’s Washington move to Abraham Lincoln’s move to Washington when he became the 16th President of the United States.

Lincoln rented out his Springfield home to a tenant then too, and everyone still considers him to be a man from Illinois.

Want to read the whole amicus brief? Click here.

The elections board is expected to vote on this matter on Thursday. Stay tuned.

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