For Now, Rahm Can Run For Mayor of Chicago

December 23, 2010

He is a Chicago resident!

We’re referring to Rahm Emanuel, whose residency has been challenged in the race for Mayor of Chicago considering he was in Washington one year ago being President Obama’s chief of staff.

Rahm can run ... for now.

But that challenge has been turned down by the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, meaning Emanuel is a resident of Chicago and can run for mayor of our fare city.

The unanimous vote was based on the fact that Emanuel rented out his Ravenswood home with full intention of moving back. He votes from that address and pays property taxes on it, and that Chicago address is what’s listed on his driver’s license and checking account.

And, even though state law requires a candidate to live in the state for one year prior to the election date, Board Commissioner Richard Cowen said the law really says that candidates need to be physically living here to establish residency, not to continue it.

So, it’s over, right? Nope. The objectors have one week to appeal the board’s decision to the Cook County Circuit Court, and their attorney, Burt Odelson, said he would immediately file a challenge.

So many hurdles, not much time left.

“I am encouraged by this recommendation,” said Emanuel in a statement. “It affirms what I have said all along — that the only reason I left town was to serve President Obama and that I always intended to return. Chicago voters should ultimately have the right to decide the election — and to vote for me, or against me.”

Right now more are for than against, as Emanuel is leading all non-challenged candidates in the February 22 mayoral race.

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[…] to a Cook County circuit judge, Rahm Emanuel is a Chicago resident and can run for mayor of the […]

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