Chicago-Area Pawn Queens are Reality Stars

December 25, 2010

Chicagoland Real Estate Forum has gotten quite a few comments on a post about a reality TV show starring a Naperville pawn shop and the people who run it.

Some of those comments were not appropriate enough to post.

Well, whether you loved, hated or missed “Pawn Queens” on TLC, you’ll have another chance to view it: The Learning Channel has ordered a full season of the show.

Minda (left) and Nikki star in Pawn Queens on TLC.

Minda (left) and Nikki star in Pawn Queens on TLC.

The reality show is based on the Naperville Jewelry and Loan shop and the four people who run it, Minda Grabiec, Nikki Ruehl, Tom Brunzelle and Greg Holloway.

Two pilots of the show were filmed over the summer and aired back-to-back on TLC on November 18. Filming for the upcoming season will probably begin in February.

The store recently moved to a larger space at 605 E. Ogden Avenue, down the block from its original location, apparently knowing the show would bring in more business.

Naperville Jewelry and Loan is a shop that caters to female clientele, but from all the comments posted on our site, I can see that men are definitely watching as well.

It’s nice to see a small, local business expanding in this economy. We wish them all well and will be tuning in to TLC next year to watch the show.

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take it from me the girls are not owners or even part owners of the shop and while the shop does have some female type items, it does not exclusively cater to women. amazing how these “reality” shows can twist the facts.


From what I read the men are the ones who own the shop. The women did “invest” some of there own money into the shop, probably so they could use the term Queens to get on TV. Personally I think it is a horrible wanna-be Pawn Stars. The entire time my wife and I were watching it just felt like the show was staged. They never consult with anyone for a price and to top it off in one of the first episodes the misplace a $10,000 diamond ring that the customer was coming back to pay off the loan to reclaim her property. This is where I feel the fakest part of the show. The lady yanked her ticket back and when she was picking it up she acted like the incident never happened. I know I would NEVER go back to them if I showed up with the money and they did have my item in my hand within 5 minutes. FINAL THOUGHT: skip this weak show and check out spike tv or The History Channel for the real deal, “Pawn Stars”

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