Don’t Forget Home Helpers During the Holidays

December 25, 2010

Have you heard that radio commercial for the Illinois lottery that sings a jingle about buying gifts for people in your life who you don’t know their names?

Two Blackhawks scratch-off lottery tickets

Lottery tickets make a nice gift for anyone on your list, especially if they are winning tickets!

Sung to “Joy to the World,” it talks about buying lottery tickets as gifts for people such as:

*The guy who took away your futon

*The man who shampooed and conditioned your carpets

*The neighbor who rocks out softly after ten

*The teacher you thinks your kids are totally gifted

Fact is, there are lots of people who make your world go ’round, and now is a nice time to show them how you feel.

Here are some recommendations on how to tip around the holidays:

*Housekeepers: A gift certificate, clothes or jewelry would be a lovely gift for those who scrub your toilets, but ultimately, cash is best. Most people give between $50 and one week’s pay.

*Mail Carrier: United States Postal Service workers are not allowed to accept tips, but a small token would be nice, such as a box of candy, a cute mug with a package of hot chocolate tucked inside, a Starbucks gift certificate up to $20 or a tin of homemade cookies.

*Newspaper Deliverer: By now you have received your paper deliverer’s holiday card tucked neatly into your paper with his address conveniently printed on the front of the envelope. Returning that envelope with a $5 or $10 bill inside might get your papers thrown a little closer to your door next year.

*Garbage Collectors: About 92 percent of homeowners do not tip these very important people around holiday time. About 6 percent give a monetary gift. It’s hard to leave money on a trash bin and walking away. This is another time a nice box filled with homemade goodies would be perfect.

*Lawn-Care Providers: It’s easy to forget about these guys since you can’t see your grass right now, and only about 5 percent of people will send something their way.

*Water or Milk Delivery Guy: They lug your liquids each month to your door. They deserve something for their effort whether it be monetary or edible.

*Property Manager/Superintendents: Ask around your building and follow suit. These guys, depending on how much they do for you, should net between $20 and $200 per family this holiday season.

*Handyman: For the guy who makes regular monthly stops at your abode or who has been working on a project for the last few weeks, a monetary gift of $10 to $40 will brighten his season.

These are just some of the people that help make your world as easier place to be in, so remember them around holiday time, and they’ll remember you fondly throughout the year!

Happy Holidays from Chicagoland Real Estate Forum (no tip needed to enjoy our product!).

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