Next to Which Chicago Celebrity Would You Like to Live?

December 29, 2010

Who would be the best famous Chicago neighbor?

Think about it while we discuss this:

The fourth annual Zillow Celebrity Neighbor Survey recently asked Americans which celebrities and politicians they would most like to have as a neighbor.

The Most Desirable Neighbors for 2011:

President Obama's Hyde Park house.

This is the Obama's Hyde Park home. The family made both the best and worst neighbors lists.

1. Sandra Bullock with 26 percent of the vote

2. Sarah Palin; 10 percent

3. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi; 9 percent

4. The Obamas; 8 percent (They were the most desirable neighbor for 2010)

5. Conan O’Brien; 7 percent

6. Lady Gaga; 3 percent

7. Katy Perry and Russell Brand; 2 percent

8. Justin Bieber; 1 percent

‘Other’ got 7 percent and ‘none of the above’ netted 27 percent of the vote.

Zillow also asked surveyors who would be the least desirable neighbor.

The Worst Neighbors of 2010:

1. The Jersey Shore Cast with 26 percent of the vote

kanye taking the microphone from Taylor Swift

The controversial Kanye West moved to Chicago with his mom when he was three years old.

2. The Obamas; 15 percent (In Chicago or Washington?)

3. Sarah Palin; 13 percent

4. Kanye West; 11 percent

5. Mel Gibson; 10 percent

6. Charlie Sheen; 8 percent

7. LeBron James; 3 percent

8. Mark Zuckerberg; 1 percent

‘Other’ got 1 percent of the vote while ‘none of the above’ received 13 percent.

So back to Chicago celebrity residents. Here’s a list of the top Chicagoans who may or may not be great neighbors.

It’s up to you to decide on which list each belongs.

Rahm Emanuel's North Side home and big lot.

Rahm Emanuel's neighbors haven't had Rahm as a neighbor since he went to be Obama's chief of staff in Washington.

*Oprah Winfrey

*Michael Jordan

*Rahm Emanuel

*John Cusack

*Joan Cusack

*Vince Vaughn

*Richard Roeper

*Buddy Guy

Kerry Wood with his kids

The Cubs' Kerry Wood turned down millions of dollars from other teams so he could remain a Chicago neighbor.

*Eddie Clearwater

*Lauren Holly

*John Mahoney

*Kerry Wood

*Bill Murray

*Mr. T

*R. Kelly

There are countless others, including sports stars, newscasters, artists and writers (I make a great neighbor).

Got others you think belong on the list? Chime in and let us know!

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