Chicago Apartment Building Goes Healthy

January 06, 2011

Here’s a good way to get Chicago residents to keep one of their New Year’s resolution: As of January 1, a River North apartment building has gone smoke-free.

a rendering of Kingsbury Plaza

Kingsbury Plaza is going smoke-free.

The management firm the Habitat Co. informed its residents at the end of last year at Kingsbury Plaza, 520 N. Kingsbury, Chicago, that the building would become smoke-free after the new year. Smoking tenants can either kick the habit or move.

Habitat manages more than 3,300 apartments in eight Chicago buildings, and if the new policy works, other properties might find themselves smoke-free as well.

A third of all Chicagoans answered a recent survey saying they would pay more to live in a smoke-free building. In addition, the management company could see lower insurance costs on a smoke-free building. Plus, it will be easier and less expensive to ready a unit for a new tenant that doesn’t include the waff of cigarette smoke throughout.

The 420-unit Kingsbury is about 96 percent occupied, and approximately 15 percent of the tenants are believed to be smokers.

New tenants will have to sign a no-smoking clause in their lease. Once the new smoking rule is implemented, a tenant caught smoking on premise could receive a fine of $350 for the first offense.

Second violation equals eviction.

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Interesting! I moved out because the smoke from one unit on my floor would COMPLETELY flow into my unit and I had to endure sub zero temperatures in the winter –opening my window to let the smoke escape from my unit. It was unbearable. Management said they couldn’t do anything about it and it was a tenants RIGHT to smoke in their unit and I just had to deal with it. AND for fire safety reasons I was not allowed to block the open space below my door. My health conditions were quite aggravated since I am allergic to smoke.

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