Winter Weekends Present Opportunity to Add Value to Your Chicago Home

January 19, 2011

Are you stuck inside this weekend? Why not take advantage of the opportunity to complete a few DIY projects and increase the value of your Chicagoland Home? For a ideas and instructions, you can visit the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog’s recent article, “

DIY Projects to Add Value to Your Home.”

Equifax’s real estate expert, Chicago resident Ilyce Glink, points out that it’s easy to add value to your home with small improvements in a seller’s market. But your goal in the current market conditions should be to add the most value for the smallest cost. That’s where the do-it-yourself aspect of these projects comes in. If you can cut the cost of labor, you can make dramatic improvements with minimal expenditure.

Here are some of Glink’s ideas for your weekend project. And the good news? Her article provides links to videos that will tell you how to accomplish each of these projects successfully.

  • Painting is perhaps the least expensive, easiest project that will freshen up a home (and your mood) quickly.
  • Changing light fixtures may cost a little more, but once they’re installed, they will update and brighten a home in the flick of a switch.
  • While you’re working on the lights, Glink recommends changing out and updating your switches and plates, perhaps installing dimmer switches.
  • New tile floors or new tile on the walls of your kitchen or bath may seem like an impossible project, but it’s really simple if you plan well and have the right tools.

Check out the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog to see links to videos that demonstrate these DIY projects, then come back and let us know what you’ll be doing to add value to your home this weekend. Will you choose one of these projects, or do you have other ideas?

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