A Taste of Chicago on Its Way to Green Bay

January 23, 2011

Before the Bears faced the Packers on Sunday, Chicago’s Mayor and Green Bay’s Mayor made a friendly wager on the game.

“The Bears-Packers rivalry is the greatest one in professional sports,” said Mayor Richard M. Daley. “Needless to say, this is a very big game for both teams, and we couldn’t ask for a better matchup for the NFC Championship title and the George Halas trophy.”

Unfortunately, the game didn’t go the way Chicago fans would have hoped, and the Bears lost to the Packers 21-14.

Now Mayor Daley has to pay up.

Chicago’s wager package included products from these Chicago restaurants and manufacturers:

*Connie’s Pizza: 20 spinach calzones and 11 cheese-less pizzas

*Hashbrowns: 15 pounds of sweet potato, killer and regular hashbrowns

*La Preferida: An assortment of authentic Mexican food products including refried beans, jalapeño peppers, organic products, salsas, tortillas and seasonings

*Kasia’s Deli: Two cases of beef pierogi

*Kim & Scott’s Pretzels: The “Sweetness Package” of 34 sweet, stuffed soft pretzels

*MacArthur’s Restaurant: One dozen BBQ turkey legs

*Manny’s Cafeteria: 24-inch-long football-shaped corned beef and pastrami combo sandwich with everything … except cheese

*Miss Lee’s Good Food: Baked and grilled herbal chicken with brown rice

*Schaller’s Pump: 45 pieces of fried chicken

*Tootsie Roll: 25 pounds of tootsie rolls.

Mayor Schmitt wager included an assortment of food from Green Bay restaurants and purveyors, including:

*A three-pound chocolate football from Seroogy’s

*A case of “Frozen Tundra” wine from Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery

*A case of “bear” steaks from American Foods Group

*A 12-pack of New Glarus Spotted Cow beer from Pizzonas Restaurant

*An autographed Packer football from Packer Pro Shop.

Schmitt also put up one pound of cheese for each point by which the Packers beat the Bears.

Daley had said that any food he won would be donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Looks like the food bank can at least look forward to an upcoming delivery of seven pounds of Wisconsin cheese.

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