Where Would You Rather Bear Down: Soldier Field or Your Chicago Home?

January 23, 2011

When the Chicago Bears face off against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday in what many consider to be as good as any Super Bowl match-up could ever be, many fans will watch the action in their Chicago homes.

Stores around the Chicago area attribute Sunday’s game as the reason there has been an increase this week in the sales of television sets, including wide-screen, flat-screen, and even 3-D TVs.

Many Chicago residents are quite content cheering on the Bears from their warm homes.

Sure, the weather is a factor. Chicago’s Soldier Field is expecting 19-degree temperatures with a 10-degree wind chill and snow flurries at game time!

But price seems to be the biggest factor. Tickets to see NFL’s oldest rivalry are setting records, with some in the hundreds to others nearing five figures.

Money is a subject on nearly everyone’s mind lately. While unemployment rates hover above 9 percent, prices continue to rise on everything from gas for your car to food for your family.

According to research done by The NPD Group, rising food prices are forcing people to eat more meals at home.

The firm, which has tracked consumer eating behaviors in and out of the home for three decades, found that Americans aren’t eating out as much as they used to.

According to the research:

*Consumers are preparing 72 percent of their meals in their homes.

*From November 2008 through November 2010, the restaurant industry lost 2.4 billion visits from patrons.

*Food deflation during that time gave supermarkets the edge in consumer food spending.

“With food inflation accelerating in the last months of 2010 and government forecasts show it continuing into at least the first half of 2011, Americans will be making well-thought out choices this year on how they will feed themselves,” says Harry Balzer, chief industry analyst at NPD and author of Eating Patterns in America.

“It amounts to ‘relative food inflation.’ They have so much to spend on food and they will carefully pick-and-choose how they spend it. Looking for more coupons and discounts, buying more private label foods, eating more leftovers, and generally getting the most bang for their buck.”

Bears ticket holders who spent thousands to see today’s game will probably not feel they got the most bang for their buck unless Chicago pulls out the victory.

Me, personally? I’ll be happy sitting in my warm Chicago home, eating cheesy nachos I bought from the store and rooting for our Chicago Bears.

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