New Ruling Takes Away Mayoral Candidate’s Chicago Residency

January 24, 2011

Hold the polls! He’s not a Chicago resident!

The Illinois Appellate Court on Monday ruled that Rahm Emanuel is not a resident of Chicago and therefore cannot run for mayor of the city.

The background: Rahm Emanuel, who owns a Chicago home in the Ravenswood neighborhood and pays property taxes on it, rented out that home to be President Barack Obama’s chief of staff in Washington.

Rahm Emanuel

Is he or isn't he a Chicago resident?

When Mayor Richard M. Daley announced he was retiring, Emanuel gave up his prestigious post to come back to his hometown and run for mayor.

But his tenant wouldn’t give him his house back.

Emanuel rented a place in the city and went to work on his campaign. Other Chicagoans didn’t approve of that, however, and have been fighting his residency tooth and nail.

You have to be living in Chicago one year before the election date to be considered a resident, you see. Election day is February 22, 2011; Emanuel was working in Washington on Feb. 22, 2010.

Up til now, Emanuel has won the approval to run for mayor from the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners and the Cook County Court.

But the challengers, led by attorney Burt Odelson, forged on to the next level and finally got their way.

On Monday, the Illinois Appellate Court reversed the lower court’s decision, stating that Emanuel is not qualified to run for mayor of Chicago.

So, is it over? Nah. Emanuel will now appeal to the next level: The Illinois Supreme Court.

Emanuel, who raised more money for his mayoral campaign than all the other candidates combined, leads the polls heftily as well.

Now, if he can just get past all this ridiculousness, Chicago residents can get down to the real issue at hand: Who is the best person to run our city?

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