An Interesting Way for Homeowners to Make Money

January 30, 2011

OK, so the Bears aren’t going to the Super Bowl. That shouldn’t stop you from going, though. And if you do, instead of staying in a hotel, how about renting a Texas home?

A new website can help you do just that.

Now, what if you are a Chicago homeowner who would like to rent out your home while you’re gone?

Going out of town? Don't rent a hotel. Rent a home! This is an actual Lincoln Park listing on iStopOver.com.

This new website can help you do that too.

It’s called iStopOver.com and it calls itself “Your Source for Short Term Travel Rentals.”

The site connects guests to host homes around the world for short-term stays at, sometimes, reasonable prices.

Homeowners list their available space, whether it’s a spare room or the entire home, and travelers book it through the website.

It doesn’t cost anything for homeowners to list, but there is a 3 percent processing fee once a booking is received.

Guests pay a service fee ranging from six to 15 percent when they book.

Homeowners must approve the guest and don’t have to deal with the financial aspect; the traveler pays online and iStopOver.com transfers the funds to you.

Back to Super Bowl XLV: There’s an entire iStopOver.com link offering housing accommodations for next weekend’s big game priced from $34 to $5,500 per night. Accommodations obviously vary.

Sounds like an interesting way to stay away or to make some extra money using your own home.

And, for the professionals out there, check out iStopOver.com/office to find or list short-term office rentals.

Now, to figure out who to root for in the Super Bowl.

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