Chicago Real Estate Pros Pick Super Bowl Winner

February 05, 2011

So, who is going to win the Super Bowl XLV?

Sure, you can look at statistics and ratings and match-ups and histories.

Or, you could listen to the Chicago real estate experts.

According to a historical analysis of recent Super Bowls by Chicago-based global commercial real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle, the statistics to study actually lie in each team’s commercial real estate industry.

NFL star turned business titan and Super Bowl predictor Roger Staubach.

The study reports that teams based in cities with a higher percentage of vacant office space have won the Super Bowl almost two-thirds of the time since 2000.

Figures there would be a two-time Super Bowl champion at the heart of this theory: Roger Staubach is Jones Lang LaSalle’s executive chairman.

“As a student of both football and commercial real estate, I can tell you that this vacancy rate hypothesis is absolutely the real deal,” Staubach said. “When it comes to picking a winner, you can throw everything else out the window.”

So? Aren’t you curious what the office vacancy rates are in Pittsburgh and Green Bay right about now?

As of January 1, the office vacancy rates were:

*Pittsburgh: 12.1 percent (one of the lowest rates in the country, by the way)

*Green Bay: 18.9 percent

“You can mark my word: the Packers will prevail,” said the former quarterback.

A little bit of Super Bowl history: Staubach, who led the Dallas Cowboys to victory in Super Bowls VI and XII, actually lost Super Bowls X and XIII against – drum roll, please — the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So is there some bias here?

“I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the Steelers and the city of Pittsburgh,” said Staubach. “But the numbers don’t lie. The Lombardi Trophy is going back to TitleTown USA.”

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